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Guy Starik is a name familiar to most in the world of Olympic Rifle shooting. He has been ranked amongst the best prone shooters in the world for over a decade and has coached some of the most talented and success junior shooters ever!

Starik has been ranked constantly amongst the top 10 prone shooters in the world at the years 2002-2010.

For more than 30 years, Starik lived and breathed Olympic Rifle shooting, both as a top level International Competitor and as one of the sport’s most successful coaches. There are very few who can match Stariks’ comprehensive firsthand knowledge of Rifle Shooting, and he is always willing to share and teach, as well as learn and improve.

He is one of the sports true professionals.

In recent years, Starik has begun to apply his knowledge and expertise to developing products for top level shooting. The Starik Carbon Tube is his last updated product.

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Starik Carbon Tube

The  Starik Carbon Tube  is a new barrel-tube for sporting rifles, developed from many years, successful Olympians, European Champion, and multiple World Cup winner from...