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Lapua's rimfire ammunition for small-bore rifle competitions, biathlon and pistol disciplines is known for the consistent high quality. We also offer rimfire test shooting for sports rifle shooters so they can test and choose the ammo that suits their rifle the best.

.22 LR ammunition for all disciplines

Lapua´s long experience in small-bore rimfire cartridge manufacturing shows in an outstanding series of medals and World Records. Lapua .22 long rifle cartridges bring the shooters success in every small-bore rifle discipline. The compatibility of the cartridge and the rifle is especially important in prone disciplines.

Lapua´s uncompromising approach to quality is probably most evident in rimfire cartridges. Although the quantity of shots fired is high, the marksman must be able to trust every single cartridge to work and hit its target accurately. 

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Lapua Biathlon Xtreme .22 LR

Biathlon Xtreme - the new must-have biathlon ammo. In world-class biathlon competitions, biathletes need ammunition that can ensure fast and accurate shooting in...


Lapua Center-X .22 LR

Versatility and superb performance - Center-X .22 LR. Lapua's Center-X round gives you the confidence of high quality .22 long rifle match ammunition. The Center-X ammo...


Lapua Midas+ .22 LR

Midas+, the new generation Midas cartridge. Lapua's Midas+ rimfire ammunition is the improved generation of Midas. The long success story of Midas .22 lr ammo brought a...


Lapua Pistol King .22 LR

Loaded for success - Lapua Pistol King .22 LR. The Lapua Pistol King .22 LR ammunition was developed to be an extremely accurate competition cartridge ideal for short...


Lapua Pistol OSP .22 LR

Worldwide pistol ammo favorite - the Pistol OSP .22 LR. Lapua's Pistol OSP is a specialized .22 lr ammunition for OSP (Olympic Sport Pistol) shooting disciplines....


Lapua Polar Biathlon .22 LR

Polar Biathlon .22 LR - ideal target performance in all conditions. Lapua Polar Biathlon has been the .22 lr ammunition behind the vast majority of biathlon medals won...


Lapua X-ACT .22 LR

Extreme passion for precision - the X-ACT .22 LR round. Lapua's X-ACT .22 LR ammo has been developed after an extensive research program to unite all of the best...


SK Biathlon Sport .22 LR

The SK Biathlon Sport cartridge is a result of Innovative engineering, and a long history of close co-operation with top biathletes. The bullet has ideal velocity for frigid...


SK Magazine .22 LR

SK Magazine is the world famous training cartridge with unique packaging, for those who are on the way to achieving their peak performance. Manufactured according to our...


SK Pistol Match .22 LR

For the up and coming pistol champion, we offer our vaunted Pistol Match ammunition. Designed, manufactured and tested to the same exacting standards as our rifle ammo, but...


SK Pistol Match Special .22 LR

SK Pistol Match is the handgun ammunition for ambitious shooters. We offer our successful Pistol Match Special ammunition for the prospective marksman. Manufactured and tested...


SK Rifle Match .22 LR

SK Rifle Match is a rimfire competition round which delivers excellent accuracy and winning performance.  It is a high-performance rimfire cartridge especially developed for...