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Do you share our passion for sport shooting, for the thrill of winning and, more importantly, the fun of striving for that success? Are you looking for a new stock, sight or high-quality accessories?

Then Centra Sight Systems are right for you. We are constantly working to find the best possible solutions for you, and many of the ideas we’ve developed have had a big impact. Millions of shooters around the world, from beginners to professionals, use MEC and Centra products.

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Centra Adapter OK I

Double thread adapter. For use when the optical system on an iris aperture with optical system is to be removed and/or replaced.


Centra Adapter OK II

Double thread adapter. With thread for direct attachment of the Monocle.


Centra Adapter OK III

Double thread adapter. For use when fitting the Monocle directly between the iris aperture and the optical system.


Centra Antiglare Lens

To eliminate reflections. Easy to clean. Excellent optical characteristics.


Centra Antiglare Polarization Lens

To eliminate reflections. Two polarizer-discs to adjust the sight-picture for optimum contrast. Additional female thread to mount colored glass inserts.


Centra Antiglare Tube Lens Hood II

Antiglare tube fits at Centra Sight Base, MEC Free Sight, Feinwerkbau rear sights and old Anschütz, RPA Trakker rear sights. Possibility to mount Duplex, Lens, Lens-Pol.


Centra Antiglare Tube Lens Hood Polarizar

Antiglare tube shades out scattered light from the front. Reduces reflection and mirage effects.


Centra Aperture Ring Synthetic

Special plastic aperture ring for all Centra Iris apertures. Prevents damage to the lenses of shooting glasses.


Centra Collimator

Ball-and-socket-joint for Lens Hood II. Special designed element to collimate with Duplex when insufficient adjustment range at Duplex.


Centra Collimator Spy

Antiglare tube with integrated ball-and-socket-joint. For rear-sight Spy to mount Duplex.


Centra Disc and Blinder

Stationary iris disc with a clamp device for eye blinders. Delivery includes eye blinder. Fits all current optical sights.