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Sauer Benchrest Vest Extra

The Extra benchrest vest is basically the same as the double canvas benchrest vest described above. The only difference is that the lower back is made of a sturdy and durable...


Sauer Benchrest Vest Double Canvas

This special double canvas vest is specially designed for all benchrest shooters. It stabilizes the shooting position, is fitted with a short sleeve on the shooting arm and an...


Sauer Benchrest Vest Imitation Leather

The IMITATION LEATHER shooting vest for benchrest shooters is a variation on the familiar shooting vest. The imitation leather used is pleasantly supple and yet holds its...


Sauer Benchrest Vest Seated

More and more shooters are continuing to enjoy their sport well into their later years. Consequently, seated shooting is rapidly increasing in popularity. For these shooters,...


Sauer Benchrest Vest Standard

For benchrest shooters, Sauer now offers a low-cost Standard version shooting vest. This new vest has a rear section made of double-strength canvas, whilst the front section...


Sauer Benchrest Vest Universal

This Sauer vest is designed for shotgun and benchrest shooting and for hunting. The cut and the combination of materials cater for all the needs of skeet and benchrest...