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Capapie Jacket NSG Top Line

About capitex material – The capitex material is perfectly blended with rubber & is strong & stiff accordance with the ISSF rule of thickness & stiffness showing...


Capapie Jacket Premium

Premium jacket is made up of ISSF approved PVC material which is a combination of genuine leather & stiff canvas. PVC material helps to maintain the stiffness &...


Capapie Jacket Pro

Pro high quality canvas jacket is made of ISSF approved stiff color canvas material. It’s perfectly customized anatomical cut provides increased stability coupled with fine...


Capapie Jacket Olympia Trimax

Trimax material: this material is composite of synthetic rubber, compressible layer & fabric layer with symmetrical hand punch hole pattern approved by ISSF was designed...


Capapie Jacket Korean Pro Mix

Korean Promix jacket is made up of ISSF approved stiff Korean material & pro canvas material. It is uniquely designed with stiff Korean material wherever maximum support...


Capapie Jacket Korean Square

Korean Sqaure jacket made up of capitex material with similar features of NSG capitex model. In this jacket neck comes in ‘v’ shape. It has most of the features from our NSG...