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Kurt Thune Classic Sweater

Anatomically cut for shooting positions, without any interfering seams. The chest, front of sleeves and armpits are made of elastic material to avoid folds under butt plate or...


Kurt Thune COLDWINNER Underwear

The True Riflemen’s Underwear made of COLDWINNER material. Not just a jogging outfit with thin elbow pads, but an underwear set made of a fantastic material and really...


Kurt Thune X.9 Underwear

Many top shooters change the underwear according to the circumstances they are competing in. Out or indoor, cold or hot weather, etc. We have developed a new type of shooters...


Kurt Thune X.9 Socks

Shooters socks are padded where it is useful for the shooter. For kneeling both in the front which is against the kneeling roll and on the heel. In these areas, the...