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Rokon For Hunters

Designed specifically for hunters, the Rokon for Hunters package consists of the legendary Trail-Breaker with a camouflage design and brush busters included. There are so...


Rokon Trail-Breaker

The Trail-Breaker’s classic design is a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use. Known for their ability to go anywhere, Trail-Breakers have been used by the United...


Rokon Scout

With the same engine and driveline system as the Trail-Breaker, the Scout delivers the power and torque Rokon’s are known for with a basic, rugged design.


Rokon Ranger

The redesigned Ranger takes the classic Rokon power and torque on the road in this dual sport model Rokon. With additional components and DOT approved tires, the Ranger can be...


Rokon Survivor Edition

The Rokon for Preppers – Survivor Edition has all the basic go anywhere features of all Rokon’s but with many key added features. This Bug out Vehicle (BOV) has Maxxis Big...


Rokon Mototractor

The Mototractor brings all the benefits of the Trail-Breaker but is also formatted into a tough “truck like” performance package. It features an extended rear cargo rack with...