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MEC Revolve

Can be retrofitted to Monocle. Setting at any time without tool. 360 rotation allows perfect glass setting.


MEC Monocle Revolve

With 360 degree rotation position perfectly adjustable glass. Setting at any time without any tools. Small, lightweight, can be retrofitted.


MEC Monocle

This attachment allows a lens to install stable and variable front of the iris. The distance of the lens to the eye can be adjusted . Because the correction glass so...


MEC Monocle Duo

This stable and adjustable mounting device is used to fit a lens from a pair of shooting glasses in front of a rear iris. Because the correction lens therefore stays in...


MEC Monocle Index

The Index Piece is the ideal accessory for shooters who don’t want to have the Monocle lens holder permanently mounted to a rifle. It can be used to fit the lens holder to one...


MEC Monocle Interface

Coupling piece for the MEC Monocle designed to accommodate the various lens holder types used in the Champion shooting glasses. All three designs can be secured in place...